The Sisters

Brett, Blaire, Brooke, & Rebecca


Who is kindhappy mothers day

Who is a mother to my brothers and me

Who loves the color blue, board games and to run

Who feels great when reading a book, running and with her sisters

Who needs a good book, a cup of Starbucks coffee and chocolate

Who gives help to my brothers and me, love to me and gives kindness to us

Who fears snakes, roller coasters and bats

Who would like to see Japan, Mt. Everest and Mt. Rushmore.

So, this is a poem that one of my sons (I have 4) wrote for me as a Mother’s Day gift about 13 years ago. I have it hanging on my closet door. (Please notice the long eyelashes!!) All these years later, it is still pretty accurate description of who I am.

Blaire 20140726_092044

Family, for me is: husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat. I work at Penn State doing a variety of tasks—research, evaluation, grant writing, teaching, professional development—for two institutes that focus on adult and family literacy; yes, sometimes work does define me. I run with groups, I run on my own, I run when I travel (okay, not when I go to Saudi Arabia), I run on trails, I run on roads. Well, I run so I can eat sugary high caloric food, rationalize a running skirt or SmartWool® socks, and balance my moods so that people still want to be around me. It is a part of my adventure. PS: Sometimes I don’t run (yoga, exercise tapes, walk).

Brooke Brooke

I have been running since 5th grade and you would never guess that by looking at me. During this time I ran track then cross country (in the Indio desert where hills = sand dunes and practices was called when temps rose about 100 degrees). I stopped running when I went off to college where beer and pizza took a priority. I graduated with a BS in political science and moved to Washington DC to conquer the world. I ended up working in the association world and started running again. I ran many 10Ks, some 10 milers and a couple of marathons, the distance was brutal and my body said….ugh. I cut back to 10Ks. I lived in Spain at a time when a woman running alone was not appreciated, I got intimidated and stopped running for a long time. I moved back to the States, met some cool running people and started to run again. I now run casually, try and incorporate more yoga (stretching) and meditation into my life while working full time, raising two fabulous kids (yes, I am biased), two energetic labs and a husband. Often there is a battle between the couch and a work out; the work out doesn’t always win but slowly I think the work out is winning the war. P.S. The war goes on for life. I am working on acknowledging this and not just the individual daily battle to exercise. 

Rebeccame and the kids 2015 christmas

Hi, I’m Rebecca, the youngest of the four. I am a single mom of 3, two boys (14, 12) and a girl (11). We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I am a preschool teacher, a job I really enjoy (except for the poopy diapers, snotty noses, being puked and peed on). My children all have their sports they participate in, swimming, running, ultimate Frisbee, baseball, horseback riding, which in turns keeps me very busy in the car. I am not a very consistent runner or with my exercising, most of the time I am just trying to get everyone where they need to be and then I pass out. I have run a marathon, 6 half marathons, a few 10 milers and the Savage race 2 times, a Sprint Tri, swam the Chesapeake Bay Swim (1 mile) and quite a few 10k’s and 5k’s over the past several years.