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Pre-dawn running: A different I-pod track

  This post is a special shout-out to John. He is an avid runner, a tall lean mean exercise machine. He would go out for runs well before sunrise. Usually a lone runner, he offered to pair up with me. Was it that piteous look in my eyes or the hovering and dropped hints, or… Continue reading Pre-dawn running: A different I-pod track

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Victoria Falls: To the Border and Back

A week into the trip I was more than ready for a run. Once we hit Victoria Falls I didn’t need a gun-toting safari guide to go explore­.  I chose to run on my own, in broad daylight.  I hit the asphalt road down to the Zimbabwe-Zambia border.  On the way back I decided to… Continue reading Victoria Falls: To the Border and Back

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Winner: A person or thing that wins, victor. YES! Another racing win under my belt. Ha ha ha, I won a raffle prize (proceeds supported Mid-State Literacy Council) from the Tussey MountainBack fundraiser. Yay me! I really was pretty thrilled to find out that I had won; even more excited to pick up my prize… Continue reading Winner