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Bridge of Fort Lauderdale

It was pretty warm by the time I got out to run but I couldn’t resist the idea of running over the bridge that I could see out of my Ft. Lauderdale hotel window. I also wanted to get to the beach beyond the bridge.

I set out, noticed the Draw Bridge sign, added an extra shuffle to my gait to avoid stepping on the connector of between two sections of the bridge, and didn’t register the traffic light feature as I went up the slope.


The mechanical features of the drawbridge slipped through my mind as I was taken in by the sky and the view. I live in a rainy grey town, it might be verdant but nevertheless its often gloomy and there aren’t ocean views, sailboats, or palm trees.


“Clang, clang, clang!” What? What? What does that flashing red light mean? Why are cars stopping? What am I supposed to do? My view began to disappear. I slowed, stopped, looked around disoriented. I had the moment of panic “The bridge is opening… Am I on the wrong side of the bridge?” Suddenly , as he read my mind… “Pedestrians may proceed to the viewing area. Stop at the gate.” said The Voice From Behind the Drawbridge. When that voice speaks, I listen. I went to the Viewing Stage; a little circle off to the side of the bridge with a small metal arm that indicated, without too much command, to stop. It was the road that rose up, really rose up, that commanded “Stop!”  It was a view that rivaled the ocean view, sailboats, and palm trees.


The boat passed under (disappointing in comparison to the awe inspiring engineering feat).  I followed the Evacuation route in reverse, trespassed through a hotel pool area (thanks valet men), made it to the beach, and took a couple of tree pictures along the way.


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