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Woman vs. Machine

In Dallas I was tired, and it was dark, and it was rainy… So I had a lot of excuses… My travel schedule had begun to wear on me. So I didn’t run the first morning. The next morning, since I had been so off my schedule, I told myself to “just get down to the fitness room.”

First, let’s get some of the details, I was booked into the Aloft Downtown Dallas Hotel. Always a groovy avant cement feel to their hotels. Nice location; It was right across from the convention center which features a live cattle drive statue (yes, as in many life-size cows); I might add that it is a very orderly group of cattle as they are galloping two-by-two. Very charming and a great spot to take pictures.dallas cattle

Okay, back inside the hotel, I got up sort of early and found my way to the Re:charge Room, really, it’s a fitness room.

I guess it had been awhile since I’d been on a machine. First thing I learned: wake up before going to the Re:Charge Room so you can avoid trying to get on a machine that was never turned off. Could have been ugly.

The run was less than satisfactory; I could never really figure out the machine which kept turning off after every 8 minutes. I tried to conceive of it as a fartlik workout. Minor delusion.

Wish for that morning: I’d gone for a run in the rain!  What do you wish you’d done this morning?



5 thoughts on “Woman vs. Machine

  1. I wish I had done stretching exercises for my Achilles tendonitis before I went to the beach and playground with my grandkids. Niki, also known as The Manager, and Siana tellbme where I need to be and what I need to do in terms of carrying water, digging holes, climbing, and going down the slide. The end.


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