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Bad Habits are Hard to Change: $#@**&!!

I ran a rough forested trail the other day with my Saturday running group (well, on a Sunday). I kept reminding myself, “pay attention to your feet;” “don’t wander off in your thoughts;” “it’s okay to join in conversation but pay attention to the trail.”

It was a wonderful run and as I came down the last rocky piece of the trail and out on the wide, smooth, crushed gravel section of the trail, I pulled myself tall and thought “I’m home free” and began thinking about… well, I’m not sure I what I was thinking about when I caught my foot and fell flat out on the ground. We all know that feeling of being smeared out on your stomach, grinding to a halt in the gravel with knees and palms helping to stop the skid. OUCH! The women I was running with, helped me up, asked if I was okay, told me to walk a bit – I of course popped up, sucked up the tears, and said, “Oh, I’m fine. Look my hands are hardly bleeding, oh, I’m good.”

Really in my head I was screaming “MF, I’m dying, my mfing knees are killing me, and I am NOT mfing okay, mf this hurts. How could I have scraped my mfing stomach.” And so on… Just when I had started working hard at curbing my swearing! Yes, I had been cleaning up my act and now $#@**&!! Here I was back at the beginning.

Who said running brings out the best in us??? Maybe my new habit should be to become a little more diversified in my colorful language.

What bad habit does running bring out in you?


6 thoughts on “Bad Habits are Hard to Change: $#@**&!!

  1. Don’t run but just life brings out the bad habits some days. Hope your scrapes are less painful soon. Amazing how much they hurt – makes it easier to understand why kids cry so hard.

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