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Victoria Falls: To the Border and Back

A week into the trip I was more than ready for a run. Once we hit Victoria Falls I didn’t need a gun-toting safari guide to go explore­.  20160215_145147

I chose to run on my own, in broad daylight.  I hit the asphalt road down to the Zimbabwe-Zambia border.  On the way back I decided to take a trail I’d seen going off into the bush.  I figured it was okay as I saw people go onto the trail and then come out later down the road. It felt a little dicey as I can get lost on a straight road! It was great to be off the road and on the beaten path.  A little mud and flowers growing taller than me.

The uphill was a bit warm on the way back but who would miss the opportunity to run to a border?

As a note, I almost wished I had had the guide with me.  Baboons and warthogs run loose around the town (think stray dogs).  The warthogs scattered; baboons were unconcerned.  But I was (have you seen their teeth?) as one began to follow me.  I geared up and swung my arm menacingly at the large (of course) male baboon.  Oh yeah, he was intimidated -not so much- so I said firmly “stop following me”.   My heart was racing and not due to exertion; the word “eek” was on my mind.  Thankfully he was bilingual and I lived to tell the tale.


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