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Music! Music! Music!

Scientists have found that music lifts our spirits, lowers stress and improves health, keeps our aging brains healthy, reduces depression, improves sleep quality, reduces pain, helps you eat less and enhances running and exercise performance.  To put it very basically, music makes me happy and fills me up from head to toe.  It gets my adrenaline… Continue reading Music! Music! Music!

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Bad Habits are Hard to Change: $#@**&!!

I ran a rough forested trail the other day with my Saturday running group (well, on a Sunday). I kept reminding myself, “pay attention to your feet;” “don’t wander off in your thoughts;” “it’s okay to join in conversation but pay attention to the trail.” It was a wonderful run and as I came down… Continue reading Bad Habits are Hard to Change: $#@**&!!

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Pre-dawn running: A different I-pod track

  This post is a special shout-out to John. He is an avid runner, a tall lean mean exercise machine. He would go out for runs well before sunrise. Usually a lone runner, he offered to pair up with me. Was it that piteous look in my eyes or the hovering and dropped hints, or… Continue reading Pre-dawn running: A different I-pod track

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Victoria Falls: To the Border and Back

A week into the trip I was more than ready for a run. Once we hit Victoria Falls I didn’t need a gun-toting safari guide to go explore­.  I chose to run on my own, in broad daylight.  I hit the asphalt road down to the Zimbabwe-Zambia border.  On the way back I decided to… Continue reading Victoria Falls: To the Border and Back

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Winner: A person or thing that wins, victor. YES! Another racing win under my belt. Ha ha ha, I won a raffle prize (proceeds supported Mid-State Literacy Council) from the Tussey MountainBack fundraiser. Yay me! I really was pretty thrilled to find out that I had won; even more excited to pick up my prize… Continue reading Winner